Never Modern by Morgan Studio

I like the black and white photography paired and the traditional serif text. It goes with the book’s title “Never Modern.”


Three of Chip Kidd’s book cover designs. Diverse and always drawing the reader into the book behind them, but self-deprecatingly saying that he is “very much against the idea that the cover will sell the book…it’s about whether the book itself really connects with the public, and the cover is only a small part of that.” Currently Kidd is the associate art director at Knopf having joined as a junior assistant in 1986. View source.



Soo many book covers! Whilst some of these really stand out to me through use of type, space and bold imagery, these designs aren’t really the style that I’m looking for, as I want to create a more personal and illustrative feel in my work. Having said that, I do love the Buddha books designs; the way that one image continues across the spines, to make them an actual collection, not just a set of books that work together; by doing this you need all of the books to complete the image, so I think I might try and play with this idea for my spines, as it works so well here.


After Dark - Haruki Murakami

It’s here! Love this jacket design. And somehow, only now am I finding out that Chip Kidd designed the covers for many of Murakami’s books.


Book Challenge

Day 15. Your favorite cover.

For today’s assignment I stood in front of my bookshelves and just picked the most pretty book covers I own. I seriously love the new COHF cover but I don’t own that book so it’s not in the pictures above.

Pics are not mine, took them from google.